Lessons from the Anti-Federalists

My latest column at the Daily Caller talks about the subject of localism, and suggests that those crazy anti-federalists may have actually been on to something.

The anti-federalists were some of the greatest libertarian-minded thinkers and writers in the history of our nation. They were extremely critical of attempts to unify the thirteen new states under a single Constitution, as they felt that government should be kept as close to home as possible. For example, the anonymous anti-federalist author “Montezuma” wrote an Oct. 17, 1787, article in the Independent Gazetteer titled “A Consolidated Government is a Tyranny,” which later became Antifederalist paper No. 9.

The pen names of the anti-federalists were often those of ancient Greeks or Romans who had been opposed to the expansion of their respective empires, as both these ancients and the anti-federalists noted that as nations grew, they became increasingly tyrannical and took less notice of the liberties and concerns of their individual citizens.

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