Lessons from The Ridge Affair

Most Americans believe that while politicians may be corrupt creeps,  the “national defense” establishment possesses some sort of magical Midas Touch. Despite the fact that the entire DHS/DOD apparatus is  completely beholden to the whim of those supposedly rotten politicos,  Americans see military bureaucrats as selfless and heroic. Never to be criticized, we indeed ought to worship all those who don a “sacred” government uniform.

However, the story about the Bush Administration’s apparent willingness to manipulate the DHS  “terror level” for wholly political reasons implies  that we ought to reconsider that lazy, PC attitude. Fallible, ignoble politicians, who can’t even manage to pay their own bills, are just as morally and functionally flimsy on “defense”  issues  as in all other matters. Remember, these are the same guys that ruined the economy and are consistently dishonest with the public.

I mean sheeeeesshhh. As if the Gulf of Tonkin “incident,” the vastly overblown yet hysterically promoted, Nam-era “Domino Theory,”  and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” weren’t enough evidence already! The military and the DHS are no worthier of our trust than Amtrak or FEMA.

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