Let the Recruitment Begin!

After a very successful Fall semester, YAL @ Glendale Community College in Glendale, AZ was back once again, and recruiting new members in full force! As the semester begins, it is a prime opportunity to recruit new students, including freshman, who may not have heard about a pro-liberty group on campus.

YAL Recruit

YAL Recruit 2

We began our efforts during the first few weeks of school, setting up a table with the Politically Homeless Quiz provided to us by Young Americans for Liberty. Many students were able to determine their political ideology thanks to the quiz, and allow us to begin a conversation with those who wanted to learn more about our club. We were also able to receive recruitment help from the Leadership Institute.

Fair 1

Fair 2

Our college also hosted its semiannual club fair for the Spring semester, allowing us to recruit students alongside other clubs at GCC. It’s always important to make sure you stand out from other tables, and also stand in front of your table. None of the other clubs were actively engaging with students, which gave our chapter an edge over everyone else.


The purpose of all our recruitment efforts culminated with our first meeting of the semester, in which we were able to introduce students to Young Americans for Liberty, give them free resources, and explain the activism projects that we will be participating in this semester. Several videos from LearnLiberty were also utilized, in order to better explain some of the key issues involved in libertarian ideology.

This Spring is looking to be GCC YAL’s best semester yet! And we are looking forward to the rest of the semester, and being able to continually grow our presence on campus.

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