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In response to the immense roadblock that Representative Watt of North Carolina has erected in our goal of getting an audit of the Federal Reserve, I have all but lost my faith in the national government.  I understand that Ron Paul will put an amendment into the bill to restore the removed language and I have done my best to contact the congressman who will make or break that amendment.  Pray to God Barney Frank has an epiphany of liberty.

However, as I said, my faith in our national government is leaving more and more every day.  What must we do to restore a government that protects our rights instead of taking them away?  Well, to the progressive left the mere asking of such a question implies revolutionary tendencies and I could be an enemy of the state (which I would see as a compliment), but since a revolution as a solution has not yet been reached, we still have one ace up our sleeve:  the states.  Now, obviously this only seems like a solution to citizens of some states and a worse problem than the current national government to citizens of others (I’m referencing very big government states), but with strong states’ opposition and assertion of their sovereignty we can hope for more than just a few getting the benefits.

It only takes one to start a movement; if one state can show its supreme opposition to all unconstitutional actions of our national government, then how long before more of the states come around?  I live in Indiana, where to my amazement (not kidding I actually lost a breath) there is a bill that has passed the senate that would allow payment of debts to Indiana, get this, IN GOLD…FREAKING GOLD!  If that wouldn’t spark a movement away from Federal Reserve notes than I don’t know what would.  Imagine if that caught on.  The only thing that Federal Reserve notes are required to pay for is debts to the government (taxes), but if I ran a grocery store and decided that I wanted to accept gold instead I could.  Think about how big of a push for sound money this is.  If people can pay debts to the government in gold, how long before the businesses do?  I can only hope that this passes (I have already written congressmen numerous times on it) and if it does, that it starts a movement.

This is only one example of what we need though; this assertion of sovereignty must come in every form.  We have seen it done in marijuana laws and it only continues to gain support.  My point is this, while we must continue to ferociously oppose the federal government’s usurpation of our liberties, having a state government or two (or all) on our side would be a powerful weapon.  If we, the people,  can get the states to assert their sovereignty, then those 2000 page bills are nothing more than piles of scrap paper. 

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