Let’s Have a Free-speech Ball at Oakland University!

The so-called Land of the Free incarcerates more citizens than any other nation. One out of every three black males will have been incarcerated during some point in their lives. It is estimated that one out of every three people have a criminal background in the United States. Why is this? Are we to believe that our society is truly so rampant with criminals? That’s what the growing police-state would have us think so they can justify the injustices they perpetuate upon the American people. Public officials that once had lived and worked under the motto protect & serve have now become a self-serving criminal juggernaut. Citizens live in terror; not from jihadist threats spawned form The Middle East, but when they pass a cop doing five miles per hour over the speed limit with remnants of a marijuana joint in the ashtray because they know that the police can pull them over, jail them, usurp thousands and thousands of dollars from them, and stigmatize them within society to hinder their Pursuit of Happiness. However, no crime had even been committed. Who was the victim? They say that the people are against the defendant in court, yet it truly should be the people that are fighting back against oppression at the hands of the criminal justice industry.

Recently, I was stopped to sign a giant beachball outside the Oakland Centre at O.U. I was told it was a free-speech ball and that I could write anything on it. However, I found myself hesatent to speak my mind because society is becoming more and more fascist: catering to the precieved moral-compass of the Left. I fear that soon the criminal justice industry will illicitize, if you will, the very liberties that make this country great: like free-speech.

It’s as thought we’ve forgotten the idiom, sticks & stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. We, as a society, need to stop being so offended and looking for the police to solve our disputes because the criminal justice industry will exploit our weaknesses in order to perpetuate their power. They survive upon criminal convictions, and if society becomes so weak and easily offended we will all become statistics.

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