Let’s Look at Huckabee’s Claim

On Geraldo, former Governor Mike Huckabee had this to say about CPAC this year:

Lets take a look at his claim of “CPAC Becoming too libertarian…” by looking at some of the speakers at CPAC this year in the main ballroom — since that was the image of CPAC sent to millions over CSPAN.
The list included Dick Armey, Liz Cheney, Dick Cheney,  A George Bush Look-a-like, Mitt Romney, Tim Palenty, Rep. Darrell Issa,  Mike Pence, Rick Santorum, John Bolton, Michele Bachmann, John Ashcroft, Ann Coulter, and Newt Gingrich plus many others of which subscribe to neoconservatism. This is just a list of the main ballroom too, not to mention all of the smaller events and meetings that took place at  CPAC this year.
Now let’s see how many libertarians we can actually pin down that they allowed up on stage in the main ballroom.
Rep. Ron Paul, Bob Barr, our own Jeff Frazee, Alexander McCobin, Tucker Carlson  and Glen Beck (though both need major shifts, they are at least warming up to the idea of being a libertarian), and…that seems to be about it. Oh and to be fair, Barr, Frazee, and McCobin were part of panels and not lone speakers.
As you can easily see the Huckster has Hucked us over again with his short-sided and incorrect view of CPAC. The only reason that claim could be made would be because of the people showing up, not the people putting it on. This is new base, Mike, we are the future, and while this year your neoconservative buddies dominated the forum it was the base who showed that they reject it.
While CPAC may not have been specifically more libertarian this year, with Paul winning the straw poll and Beck’s keynote rant (it wasn’t really a speech — kinda just like an hour long episode of his show), it looks like we can expect even greater libertarian influence in years to come. I’ll tell you what Mike, you stay home again next year.  We didn’t miss you this year and really don’t want you back anyways.
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