Let’s stimulate the economy! Who wants to play President Obama?

On February 26th and 27th, the UC-Irvine chapter of Young Americans for Liberty drew a spectacle with our activism event, Jenga-nomics! The event drew crowds of students, flocking over to the YAL booth to see what the commotion was all about.


Crashing sounds, *PLOP, PLOP, PLOP*, and “OHMAHGERD! JENGA!”, were some of the many sounds and comments we heard due to our not-too-shabby display and after roping in students with:

“Wanna stimulate the economy?”, “Hey, wanna play President Obama?” or”Who wants to be Ben Bernanke!?” all seemed to draw attention and intrigue to our booth. 

Of course, fruit snacks, a double-whammy consisting of a quasi-healthy dosage of Vitamin C and gummy candy, seemed to do the trick quite well.

While students played Ben Bernanke or President Obama and redistributed the economy, we went ahead and explained to students how each time they’re moving a block — via taxes, subsidies, tariffs, bailouts, interest rates, etc. — were not adding more “blocks” (money) into the economy, but only shifting it all around to create the next economic bubble to ultimately lead to a terrible crash. 

Overall, we drew quite a number of sign-ups, about 60, right in the middle of Round 1 of midterms! Our booth was very well received, stealing attention from the Greeks and other clubs, as this is one of many reactions:

Please stay tuned as we will provide the link to our Flickr photostream of this event and video, which is currently being edited.

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