Let’s Talk Politics Open Forum at LIU Post

The day before the election, LIU Post YAL hosted the open forum titled “Let’s Talk Politics” to hear what the student body is thinking/feeling on the brink of a historic day. Many of our attendees had much to say on the state of our country, the different policies proposed by each candidate, and how they thought the election would play out. Enthusiastic conversation and debate ensued, while maintaining a level of decorum.

This open forum brought many different voices and viewpoints to the table; there were two professors in attendance as well! YAL was able to facilitate a discussion in which we could present an alternative view: the potential for a different argument, one based on the principles of liberty. As a result, students were actively participating and dug deeper into the issues; most stayed after our allotted time! YAL has given many students on our campus a wonderful occasion to pose excellent questions on liberty and how we must protect it.

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