Libations, Liberty, & Leadership

lor1If you didn’t know, “libations” is Southern for booze. College and alcohol can never fully be separated — and perhaps shouldn’t be. In your time as a student and as a member of YAL you will likely encounter drinking and probably partake in it as well.

Please do. But bear in mind also that as a leader of your group, of your campus, and of the Liberty Movement, you bear certain responsibilities.

There is not a complete list of these responsibilities, but not becoming embarrassingly inebriated is one of them. What you do on your own time in a controlled setting is one thing, but what you do in a social setting will have consequences for you and your chapter.

I offer no moralisms here, only the simple truth that you can not be an effective leader and drink so much that other people have to keep you from getting hurt or arrested.

Being a leader means that you have to make certain sacrifices of time, treasure, and energy. Personal responsibility isn’t just part of libertarianism, it is a key part of being an effective libertarian leader.

There are all kinds of ways and reasons for politics and “libations” to mix. For instance you can start a local Liberty on the Rocks meetup for libertarians and conservatives to mingle and mix. Just remember that too much of a good thing can keep you from being an effective activist. So in summary:

good drink bad drink

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