Liberal Hypocrisy on Free Speech?

Glenn Greenwald reports that Ann Coulter was threatened to be prosecuted by the Canadian for “hate speech” prior to her cancelling a lecture at the University of Ottawa. As disgusting as this is, even more disconcerting is the fact that — if Greenwald’s comments section and my personal experience are any indication — some liberals are applauding this. Just as they’re not really oppose war, but Republican wars, these lefties appear to not really oppose censorship, but only Republican censorship.

Greenwald, of course, is no partisan hack but a man of principle and courage. Here is an excerpt from his great article on the matter, in which he defends Coulter’s rights to say things he despises:

Personally, I think threatening someone with criminal prosecution for the political views they might express is quite “hateful.”  So, too, is anointing oneself the arbiter of what is and is not sufficiently “civilized discussion” to the point of using the force of criminal law to enforce it.  If I were administering Canada’s intrinsically subjective “hate speech” laws (and I never would), I’d consider prosecuting Provost Houle for this letter.  The hubris required to believe that you can declare certain views so objectively hateful that they should be criminalized is astronomical; in so many eras, views that were most scorned by majorities ended up emerging as truth.

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