Liberland Event at Georgetown University

This week the Georgetown YAL chapter welcomed President Vit Jedlicka of the Free Republic of Liberland to speak on campus. President Jedlicka spoke to a packed classroom of YAL members, interested Georgetown students, and liberty lovers from the surrounding area about his self-proclaimed micro nation, Liberland.

President Jedlicka

His goal in founding Liberland was to create a nation built on the libertarian principle of “live and let live”. By 2030, he envisions Liberland as being the “most libertarian developed country in the world” with a vibrant economy, voluntary transactions, no regulations, and a bureaucracy small enough to fit into a tiny 5-window building.

Hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world have already applied for citizenship to Liberland, including 4 of the individuals present at the event. President Jedlicka detailed the Liberlandian constitution, which includes a prohibition on taxation of any kind that can only be overturned by the unanimous agreement of all 20 government representatives. A gentleman attending the event who had applied for Liberlandian citizenship pointed out that the United States was founded without an income tax on a similar premise, but that Americans are now taxed at staggering rates.

He recommended that a special clause be added to the constitution disallowing any amendments that would introduce taxation in Liberland. A board member of the Georgetown YAL chapter responded that constitutions need to adapt to changing social situations, and that irregardless of what prohibitions are put into the Liberlandian constitution, there is always a risk that future generations will alter or abandon the constitution entirely.

President Jedlicka’s event on campus offered students a fresh perspective on statecraft and pushed us all to think about the unique challenges presented by founding a country based entirely on libertarian principles. We look forward to following the development of Liberland in the coming years and wish President Jedlicka all the best in this ambitious undertaking.

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