Libertarian Angle Live at Binghamton University


On April 9, 2014, Jacob Hornberger and Sheldon Richman, the President and Vice-President of the Future of Freedom Foundation, made the third stop of their Northeast Libertarian Angle tour here at Binghamton University.

The event started with Hornberger and Richman discussing libertarian philosophy with each other for about half an hour, offering an insightful conversation for the audience to enjoy and learn from. 


For the next hour, our many participants joined in the lively discussion. Our participants involved many libertarians, as well as those interested in libertarianism or curious to question the philosophy. We eventually had to end the event, but without a time limit we probably could have kept discussing all night! Everyone, about 25 students, seemed to enjoy the ongoing discussion while they enjoyed the pizza and soda we provided.

The two also provided free books written by Sheldon Richman, as well as a signup to their monthly newsletter. All in all, we were able to enlighten and inspire many of our chapter members to further the cause of liberty and understand the philosophy, as well as expose libertarian ideas to a wider audience in the university, and garner interest in them as well.



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