Libertarian Angle Live at Grove City

On Monday, April 7, the president and vice-president of The Future of Freedom Foundation kicked off their college tour of Libertarian Angle Live at Grove City College.

President Jacob Hornberger and vice-president Sheldon Richman began the talk by engaging each other in a natural conversation about the tenants of pure libertarianism. For the first part they focused on domestic policy including entitlements and taxes. In the second part of their talk they focused on foreign policy, criticizing the empire-building and national security state that the US has been engaging in for the last 70 years.

FFF speakers

After they finished the discussion between themselves, they opened up the room for questions from the audience. Some great questions were asked, allowing Jacob and Sheldon to elaborate on their personal views of pure libertarianism.

FFF materials

Along with a great night of discussion, audience members were also able to take hope some literature from The Future of Freedom Foundation, including publications by both Mr. Hornberger and Mr. Richman.

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