Libertarian students are leading the fight for free speech on campus

My latest piece at The Daily Caller discusses how libertarian students are fighting restrictive campus speech codes:

…This movement is far more than a handful of judicial rulings. In fact, consistent victory in the courts is a symptom of a changing campus. More than ever before, college students are turning away from statism, choosing instead from a wide range of liberty-leaning campus organizations.

Young Americans for Liberty now has over 500 chapters at as many college campuses. Students for Liberty’s network reaches not just every state, but every inhabited continent. The Leadership Institute continues to train thousands of students on how to advocate for conservative causes. Organizations like the Network of Enlightened Women and the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute prepare young conservative women to lead on campus and beyond.

These organizations do not agree with one another on everything — not by a long shot. But they are all united in their belief that our universities should be marked by free expression rather than red tape and speech codes.

To be clear, there absolutely is a place for leftist ideas at universities, precisely because there is a place for all ideas at universities. The American university should be an open marketplace of thought. If leftist ideas are truly superior to their conservative counterparts, they should not need the protection of speech-suppressing laws and academic red tape. They, along with all other ideas, should have the chance to rise and fall based on their merit.

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