Libertarian Values Resonate at Shawnee State University Recruitment Drive

On September 9th, the founding members of my hybrid YAL/SFL chapter and I tabled at a club showcase put on by our student government association.  We’re the first and only liberty group on our campus.

Our emphasis was on the World’s Shortest Political Quiz that YAL sent us as part of the recruitment drive kit.  I made a big sign with a Nolan Chart, flanked by key phrases or examples of economic and personal liberties. In exchange for the student’s contact information, they could fill out the quiz and put a sticker on the chart to mark their position on the Nolan chart. They had the ability to learn where they landed on a more complete political spectrum than the conventional binary line and were able to compare their results anonymously with their peers.

The recruitment drive was encouraging!  We had more than 25 people fill out the quiz and mark the chart!  

We also had a visit from Abe Alassaf of the Leadership Institute a week earlier. Combined, we have nearly 50 Shawnee students interested in learning more about freedom, which I think is super impressive for a small campus of only 4,000 students! I think that goes to show how libertarian ideas resonate strongly with Ohio millennials, who broadly value both fiscal responsibility and social tolerance, and don’t have a political home between the modern conservatives and liberals.  

I look forward to working more to grow the liberty movement here at Shawnee!

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