Liberty Activists take the reigns of College Republicans at Arizona State University

On Tuesday, March 21, nominations for College Republicans officer positions took place at ASU. The mood was shaken by the nomination of Students for Liberty Executive Board member Carlos Alfaro for president. Many had assumed that then-president Diego Moya would run unopposed. Nevertheless, a liberty ticket was introduced: Carlos Alfaro, Brian Speed, Jake Bobay, Charley Hernandez, David Schneider, and Corey Helsel.

The next Tuesday, March 28, the mood was frantic. Word got out that the opposition had called in non-regulars to make sure that Moya stayed in office. Young Americans for Liberty @ ASU and ASU Students for Liberty members showed up in force to support the liberty ticket. Once it was verified that all participants were dues-paying members, candidate speeches began.

Halfway through the speeches, Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Chad Heywood was called down by Moya to speak. Shouts of protest filled the room. Apparently, most of the officers hadn’t been notified that there would be a guest, much less that he would take the floor in the middle of candidate speeches. Taken aback, Heywood (who last year made news by making an off-color joke about old ladies’ undergarments while representing a congressional campaign), insinuated that some CR members were being immature.

After Heywood’s speech, the candidate speeches continued. Notably, YAL activist and candidate for Treasurer Jake Bobay referenced the shift in the Republican Party facilitated by Senator Rand Paul, candidate for Secretary Corey Helsel pointed out how new leadership and better events could increase attendance, and Carlos Alfaro spoke about how the College Republicans group could grow by working with ASU liberty groups under his guidance, while simultaneously confessing a dislike of hierarchy and a wish that leaders in the club would be distinguished by actions, not by titles.

After each member was called to the front to cast his ballot, the votes were counted and the results were announced: every candidate on the Liberty ticket won, with vote counts in the 40s!

The liberty movement is growing at Arizona State University. Find out what we’re doing by visiting our Facebook page.

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