Liberty and the Environment

One of the biggest complaints I hear when talking to friends about the liberty movement or libertarians is that we don’t care about the environment.  Well, Jeffrey Braddock, a graduate student at George Mason University, begs to differ.  In a recent article on the Campaign for Liberty’s Web site, he argues that the libertarian view on environmental policy is much more beneficial to both the environment and society than the slew of government regulation that Obama, Gore and their friends would love to instate.

Braddock writes:

Practically any measure forced on employers results in higher costs of production and therefore a change in the conditions of competition. Thus foreign producers can compete with US firms under more favorable conditions, both at home and abroad. Consider: if a firm cannot pollute above level X (without punitive taxes), or a pollution tax is leveled on the firm, it will either end production, lobby extensively to achieve a higher pollution standard, or relocate to a place where it can pollute without regard.

See the article in its entirety here.

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