Liberty Arrives at Grand Canyon University

Bu·reau·crat,ˈbyo͝orəˌkrat/: A bureaucrat is a member of bureaucracy and can compose the administration of any organization of any size, although the term usually connotes someone within an institution of government.

Here at Grand Canyon University, student ran organization’s feel their fair share of the crippling processes of bureaucracies daily. Our YAL chapter application for school recognition is still an uphill battle. Our application has been received by the Student Engagement office but has yet to be cleared for “official” school recognition. Fifty student signatures, a well thought-out mission and values statement later, we haven’t been able to table or be very active yet. Freedom! If you have a permit.

Jason Harmon (left), Austin Smith (right)

But, the Liberty movement waits for no one, especially for those who get a high off dishing out red tape. In order to give you an idea of our struggle, I’ll throw in some background knowledge of GCU’s red tape policies. In addition to YAL, I’m part of Future Politicians of America at GCU. The founder of FPA wanted to start a College Republicans Chapter but was denied because GCU restricts “politically identified groups”. Neither a GOP nor Democrats club is allowed. Although, previous speakers at GCU have been a few notorious Republicans; Sarah Palin, Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Carson, John McCain and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

FPA’s founder came up with the Future Politicians of America name to welcome students of all political backgrounds, which is nice in itself because those of us Libertarian, Conservative and Conservatarian identified get to promote liberty-minded individual and economic principles to those who are unaware, or brain-washed. FPA created relationships for us Liberty lovers that lead us to having a YAL State Chair introduce herself at the club fair that opened us to establishing a chapter on campus.

Before being recognized by the university, myself, our YAL state chair and a GCU alumni tabled for recruitment outside the Student Union. We gathered over 50 signatures, handed out dozens of Constitutions and brainstormed future ideas for YAL activism before being shut down by Security.

In the mean-time, those of us in YAL at GCU are still grinding. May it be on social media, blogs or apparel. Today, a fellow YAL member and Liberty lover wore a Rand Washington Machine t-shirt and I sported a Cruz Blacklisted and Loving It t-shirt. No matter the mountains of bureaucratic red tape or hypocrisy we face from the university, student government members or faculty, we’ll continue to fight for our Bill of Rights and promote Liberty here and abroad. My generation needs to know what makes America special. Our rights are inherit from God before birth and then protected by the United States Constitution!
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