Liberty at the Beach

Cal State Long Beach’s first tabling event this semester, was also its first ever — and as a new chapter, things went off with a bang. Our start up chapter was greeted by lingering students, who didn’t want to look too interested, but were clearly drawn in by our “Do you like freedom sign?”. I serve as our chapter’s President, and I was lucky enough to be accompanied by State Chair Richard Pham.

Tabling was engaging, not only because there were two of us, which really helps things work well, but also because we are one of only two political clubs on campus. The other political club is the College Democrats, so our liberty chapter is lucky enough to be the only club presenting a truly conservative point of view on campus, while setting liberalism straight! We were pleased to have zero poor interactions, and everyone that we spoke to left with a Constitution and something to scratch their heads about. Many people simply had “no political views”, but this is never true, and when pushed forward, many found out they were more libertarian in nature.
The most exciting interactions for me personally, were always with girls who were so excited to see other females interested in politics, and those students that identify as libertarians, because they couldn’t wait to come to meetings. Looking forward to keeping that momentum going for our free speech event.
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