Liberty Blitz at Auburn University


The wheels began to turn at the end of last spring as we anticipated the arrival of a  fresh, full fall semester for our organization to activate.  After roughly six weeks since four people who hardly knew each other met and formed the chapter, Auburn YAL managed to accomplish a number of notable things, among them:

For this fall, we are incredibly confident that the plan we have been developing will establish our group as a center of political and economic information, and as student leaders of voluntary social consciousness.  We want to be regarded as “the” political activist organization at Auburn University.

To begin, we tabled like crazy during the first few weeks of school, collecting approximately 120 new signatures, email addresses and phone numbers.



This ran into our Student Activities Fair, and so we were able to intercept many  freshmen before they sold out to the Chess Club or the Auburn Gamers Alliance. 

We used a number of different techniques to draw attention to ourselves including street art, Wake Forest’s water bottle labels, an arrangement of liberty themed books, the Operation Politically Homeless quiz, and YAR zines.  Oh yeah, we had cookies too.  We believe elevating our banner using a PVC frame made our organization easier to recognize and prevented tablers from “hiding” behind the table.

We planned to hold two information meetings to accomodate people’s schedules.  As a promotion and reminder, we passed out the following fliers.  These use our patented “liberty cross” diagram which makes it easier to explain to people the  political position of our organization:


*Not really patented, since we’re all anti-IP here.

To illustrate to those who had seen us tabling (and weren’t impressed with our elevated banner) that our organization was active and vocal, we set up our national debt display after making half a trillion dollars in adjustments (since last May).  Except for some bad editing and misspelled names, a local TV station got the jist of what we did:

We followed the debt display with our information meetings where we encouraged new (and old) members to sign up for a book club, our Street Team, and various other responsibilities that need to be filled to make our group more functional (and less stessful).


From the sign-up sheets, we anticipate having 20-25 serious new members in our group, and more are contacting us to tell us that they couldn’t make the first meetings.  We feel the key to keeping these people interested in the group is to encourage the idea of an “activist community” and to do that we are presenting the group with a number of opportunities to get involved and build relationships that will hopefully hold the group toghether.  The task now is to document and build a handbook for all the people who will follow the leadership who will soon be moving on.

So the rest of our semester is packed with book club meetings, volunteering, socializing, tailgaiting, and hopefully lots more activism.  We are certain that if we expose ourselves enough, eventually the cool, the curious and the timid will approach us to find out what this YAL thing is all about.



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