Liberty Comes to the Rutgers University Involvement Fair

The Rutgers University Fall Student Involvement Fair provides student organizations the opportunity to recruit students looking for ways to become more involved on campus.

Arriving fairly early to the Involvement Fair, we had plenty of choices of empty tables, however, we deliberately chose to table next to Rutgers Students for Hillary/Rutgers Democrats. Several of our recruits, and even some passersby, found this funny. One student said that we must have triggered them! Next to their hastily thrown together and hardly standing cut-outs of Obama and Hillary was our table, with a Gadsden Flag on each side, loads of Constitutions, and most importantly, four dedicated liberty activists committed to winning on principle, and generating an enormous amount of traffic to our table.

We set high goals for ourselves at the Rutgers University YAL chapter. Today our goal was to get 150 sign-ups and we are proud to say we obtained 223 sign ups; we absolutely smashed our goal! In addition to the sign-ups, we handed out over one hundred pocket cards and two boxes of pocket Constitutions.

Our chapter is ready to raise the next generation of exceptional liberty leaders this semester.

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