Liberty Doesn’t Take a Holiday at West Texas A&M

With Everyone getting back to school and starting the new semester it is important to recognize some chapter members who took classes during the winter break. It would have been easy for our chapter to sit through our classes and go home to enjoy the little break we did have. My chapter members however took this opportunity to promote liberty during the holiday with our new free speech technique; the Free Speech Christmas Tree. This new technique has its benefits both for our chapter as well as for nationals in general. First this will give us a successfully themed event we can reuse every year and has the potential to be turned into an annual national end of year push. We spoke to various students at this event ranging from lady basketball players to honors students and graduate students. After getting a wide range of opinions on campus we determined that once made aware of university speech codes not a single person we talked to was in favor of them. This year it is our goal to partner with FIRE to evaluate our university’s speech codes to ensure the first amendment is being respected and recognized on campus. with sustaining our momentum through the winter break as well as reaching different students our chapter considers this event to be one of our most successful activism event yet.

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