Liberty Gets a Pep Talk

Sometimes, I read the posts by fellow liberty lovers, and I realize something:  We are all far too serious.

Today in my Health Science class, my professor showed us this video with the Kid President (who I would vote for, by the way), and I stopped to think.  What are we doing?  Why are we always bickering at each other over small details of liberty and the message we spread to other people? Doesn’t the disagreement within the movement show disunity to the outside individuals?

I wanted to share this video in hopes that we would all just relax, enjoy life a little, and remember why we are all doing this.  I try to remember that when the things I love stop being the things I enjoy, then maybe it’s time to reassess my priorities.

I think the video portrays the same message I am trying to send.  “You’re gooder than that… If we’re all on the same team, why don’t we start acting like it?”

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