Liberty Has Landed at Colorado State University

Young Americans for Liberty has grown to over 800 chapters this past year including one that is rebooting at Colorado State University. Since the election season has finally concluded and a new semester has begun, now is the ideal time to bring the liberty movement to campus. Last Tuesday YAL at CSU started off strong with a recruitment drive that reached students across the university. Despite 34 degree weather and some winter winds, we managed to set up for a few hours out on the campus plaza. Within minutes the interactions with students started happening, the questions started getting asked, and the sign-ups were going crazy. Even though there was plenty of opposition, we could see a student body hungry for the voice of liberty. We recruited over 40 people and handed out plenty of Constitutions as well. This semester is only the start to a revolution happening at CSU of young Americans getting identified, educated, trained, and mobilized to go out and win on principle!

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