Liberty in the Media

Some highlights of people in the media speaking out against intervention in Libya:

Jon Stewart and John Oliver of the Daily Show do a scathing job of explaining how the US decides which dictators to ignore and which ones to oust.

Jack Hunter examines the similarities between Bush and Obama on foreign policy.

Pat Buchanan calls Libyan intervention “a foolish and unconstitutional war” in the American Conservative.

Tim Carney points out the many, many things wrong with Obama’s attack on Libya in the Washington Examiner.

Andre James asks what the real reasons for intervention in Libya are in the Digital Journal.

Ross Douhat claims a convincing case for intervention has not yet been made in the New York Times.

Edward Luttwak explains how intervening in Libya actually damages our interests in the region in the LA Times.

Matt Latimer castigates the relentlessly war-mongering neocons for betraying the roots of their party in the Daily Beast.

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