Liberty is alive at the American University!


In a letter expressing a desire for a “national university” located in the nation’s capital written by George Washington, the inspiration of the most politically active university in the United States has been born.

For a private institution, the American University in Washington D.C. sure seems to be too statist. But despite the majority of over 200 student-led organizations being focused on socialist, liberal, marxist, and a collectivist agenda, liberty isn’t dead.


American University’s Young Americans for Liberty took over the annual student involvement fair like a storm. With the help from the Koch Associates Program, we had an interactive game as part of our tabling event. Students had to list ten countries in order from the most to least economically free. In addition to promoting economic freedom, we handed out Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson (thanks to the Leadership Institute) and Honey Badger reusable bags (a generous gift from — a big hit for a district that charges a bag tax. 

Economic chart

With other organizations and the economics department focused on Keynesian economics, it was very fortunate to see so many students open to less government restrictions and more economics freedom. Students learned that plays a huge asset for access to clean water, higher standard of living, and a better economy. They were able to learn that economic freedom yields the highest income. Many were shocked to find out that the United States is not the most economically free, but rather placed fourth behind Singapore, Chile, and the United Kingdom. 


Overall, the involvement fair was a big success! For a staunch liberal institution composed of 6,000 students, we had signed up 121 new members to our AU YAL chapter. We have many, many exciting new plans ahead of us and are excited to discover more and more libertarians and libertarian converts on campus!

Below, some of our E-Board/Leadership team!

leadership team

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