Liberty is Alive @ UMBC!

Our chapter has made a great deal of progress since its inception in the Fall of 2013. Our membership has grown to a total of 15 active members (very high for a YAL chapter) especially here in Central Maryland.

Quiz Time!

At our Friday meetings we often have a Prezi that contains a discussion topic (Abortion, Taxes, Police State, etc) we discuss the libertarian arguments of the topic and debate among ourselves.

Great Success!

One of the benefits of having a group of politically diverse viewpoints, despite our libertarian views some of us are more conservative and others more liberal so we don’t always agree on every issue in the same way.

Better than College Dems

Fall involvement fest was quite successful! We have heightened our profile tremendously on campus due to our free speech wall and publicity of our meetings on our email list.

President Sean!

We will be holding an activism training after spring break to teach members how to effectively table and talk to students on campus about liberty!

Bringing More Into the Fold!

We are also planning a panel discussion with the College Republicans and College Democrats on our campus in April which we hope will get a good turnout!

Yours Truly

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