Liberty is growing at Winthrop University

On Tuesday, September 15 Young Americans for Liberty South Carolina State Chair, Brett Harris, along with field representatives from the Leadership Institute, Emily Larsen and Allen Clarke, came to Winthrop University’s campus to help (or should I say show) me table and assist in adding members to our group that is just starting out.


Coincidentally, there was a Volunteer Fair on campus the same day that was attracting students, so we decided to set up just past the tables for the fair. We were in luck as this ended up being the perfect place to catch the predominant amount of foot traffic of students just getting out of class. With the tremendous help from Brett, Emily, and Allen we were able gain over 45 signatures to our mailing list. While this may seem like a small feat to some, my campus is fairly small (~5,000 undergraduates) and has a very strong liberal presence, so this was a very good turn out for us. Recently, I’ve been conversing with a few potential leaders (and more to come) with hopes of having our first meeting within the next week or two.

I truly want to stress how helpful everyone from the Leadership Institute, as well as Brett Harris has been. I urge everyone who is starting out or who feels their group has hit a plateau to reach out to the Leadership Institute as well as your respective State Chairs, they’re here to help us and they’re certainly good at what they do.

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