Liberty Leadership Forum @ UMN

On April 9th, the University of Minnesota YAL chapter played host to a Liberty Leadership Forum, at which attendees received training, information, and resources from the Minnesota Campus Coordinator for Students for Liberty and YAL’s Minnesota State Chair Nathan Amundson. Attendees discussed problems they’ve had at their YAL chapters, and solutions that other attendees had come up with in their own chapters. 
We also introduced our attendees to YAL-UMN’s new activism event: Someone Else 2016, where we will be encouraging people to vote their principles rather than for the “lesser of two evils”, and supporting the two main parties only if they accurately represent a person’s beliefs.
Someone Else 2016
We are hoping to make this YAL’s Fall 2016 Activism event, and will be showcasing it here at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities over the next month!
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