Liberty Movement Revival at Montclair State University

MSU YAL Recruitment Drive

Up in the heart of north New Jersey lies ones of the largest state universities in one of America’s most populated states. Montclair State University is a university with a vibrant culture, beautiful surroundings and a huge mixture of people from all walks of life.

As great as Montclair State has become over the years, it has followed the same political trend of the majority of college campuses across the United States. For decades, statist “progressive” values are pushed to the forefront of many classes at MSU while the conservative values of which the USA was founded upon are ignored and cast aside.

Fortunately, we live in a society where we have the right to assemble and change our political atmosphere for the better in a peaceful way. With the help of a few fellow activists for liberty, Montclair State will finally join the ranks of college campuses that are at last being offered a political alternative to the tired liberal or “progressive” lessons pushed onto them by their professors.

The ideology that preaches personal liberty and freedom along with the political policies social acceptance and fiscal responsibility are ideas that all students from all walks of life can relate to and rally around.

From one recruitment drive, I can see that students at Montclair State have yearned for a political alternative to the automated liberal lessons they lesson to day in and day out from their professors and parents.

As a young American and a person passionate about conservatism in this country, I believe that Montclair State’s chapter can be a shining example that liberty and freedom are universal ideas that all people from every imaginable walk of a life can rally around and hold true to their heart.

My name is Vincent Stevens and I am a Young American for Liberty.

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