Liberty on Labor Day

It was a beautiful day on Monday, September 4th, in Upstate, NY. The sun was beating down, but the cool breeze and snow cones, kept us comfortable. The annual fall club fair is held in conjunction with a Carnival. The main hub of campus rumbles full of freshmen looking for a club to join. 

We gathered more than 80 signups, handed out more than 50 pocket constitutions, and spread the idea’s of liberty through the campus population. The most exciting part was when the College’s President decided to join in, and write a message on our 10 ft tall free speech ball, of which could be seen clear across campus. 

They say this generation is becoming more conservative, but I was pleasantly surprised to meet several new students that self identified as libertarians. We even had a Fraternity Vice President join in, and get people to step up and express themselves on our free speech ball. Liberty is a live and well within the hearts and minds of Student’s at SUNY Cortland. 

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