Liberty on top at FGCU

There’s only been two weeks since classes started at Florida Gulf Coast University, but the Young Americans for Liberty chapter in conjunction with the Students for Liberty student group has already pulled off 2 successful events and 3 successful tabling sessions.

Our first event of the semester was held on August 24th where we discussed the philosophy of Libertarianism. 

Our second event of the semester was held on August 31st where we discussed the economic and moral implications of price gouging in response to natural disasters. 

Upcoming, we have a discussion on Free Speech scheduled for September 7th and we have a guest economic speaker, Christopher Lingle, coming to speak to us regarding interest rates. 

These events accompanied with at least one tabling session each week have definitely sparked the interests of the politically inclined freshmen and we are hoping to expose them to the ideas of liberty so that they can continue to spread the message long after our current leaders have graduated and moved on. 

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