Liberty on Tour

Last week, YAL’s Civil Liberties College Tour cohosted with The Future of Freedom Foundation hit the road to discuss and debate the state of personal freedom in America today.  Covering topics like habeas corpus, the PATRIOT Act, extraordinary rendition, torture, regime change, and unconstitutional aspects of the War on Terror, tour speakers  Glenn GreenwaldBruce Fein, and Jacob Hornberger were well-received at all four stops on the tour.

Moderated by YAL’s own Jack Hunter, the tour visited Columbia University, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Middle Tennesee State University, and The Ohio State University from Feb. 6-9, 2012.

At each stop, crowds of nearly 200 showed up, and another 150 or more viewers tuned in to the live stream online!  This means the total audience for the tour was more than 1300 people!

Thanks to your participation, promotion, and support, the Civil Liberties College Tour was a huge success, reaching a large audience for the philosophy of liberty.  See photos from the tour here and here.

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