Liberty Roundup

Six articles I’d recommend for an interesting read:

  1. “Health Savings Accounts Are the Answer.”  Acknowledging that there is a problem with the health care system, this post on the Civil Society Trust blog argues that it is not a problem government can fix.  The source of the problem?  “Our present system of medical spending and reimbursement is an unholy ‘mashup’ of two concepts that need to remain separate:  health care and health insurance.”  Read more here.
  2. “Freedom — the First Casualty,” by Tom Eddlem.  Writing for the Antiwar League, Eddlem contends that “Freedom has become the first casualty in war. Freedom is always the first casualty in war.”   He goes on to detail our loss of freedom, constitutional amendment by amendment.  Find those details here (and share them with your “constitutionalist” warhawk friends).
  3. “The Paulpocaplypse,” by Brian Doherty.  After publishing an inane hit piece on Ron Paul a couple days ago, Reason to some extent redeems itself with this article, which notes:  “Signs like the CPAC vote of a significant number of politically active youngsters believing in Ron Paul are indeed a sign of an apocalypse of sorts for the world that most politicians and pundits know. If Ron Paul is right, then everything they know is wrong.”  So true.   More here.
  4. “The Rise of Ron Paul” is another worthwhile article on the good doctor, this one by Adam Daifallah.  Daifallah writes, “Paul is capturing the conservative zeitgeist. Known as “Dr. No” in Congress because he votes against everything…Paul has become the vehicle through which devout libertarians believe they can become part of the mainstream.”  The rest is here.
  5. On a more college-oriented note, Yale student Matthew Shaffer encourages his readers to “Lose faith in government.”  Why?  Well, he writes, “Government, as a rule, is to trash what King Midas was to gold. Everything it touches, no matter how lovely and well-functioning it once was, no matter how well-meaning and eloquent its advocates remain, begins to flounder. At times, it seems almost magical.”  His full piece is available here.
  6. And last but not least, Gary North (a contributor) explains “How a College Student Can Safely Create Pain for a Professor Who Is Misusing His Bully Pulpit.”  He says if students would follow his plan “systematically, it would create real pain for the educrats.”  Sound good?  Read the rest here.
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