Liberty strikes the U.P. of Michigan, NMU

Northern Michigan University brought the ideas of liberty to Marquette on August 30. We snagged the most popular booth in the most high traffic area on campus. Our goal was to not only have people sign up, but teach them what it means to be a libertarian.

We had two people behind the booth and one in front. The libertarian in the front would gather people to the booth using trigger sentences like, “do you hate the drug war,” or “are you aware of our nations debt?” Once gathered around we preached what we stand for and, and if they were interested, have hem sign up for a follow up meeting scheduled for the coming week. We managed to get 13 signatures of very interested students.

As we were preaching liberty at the booth, we had one of our best people clip-boarding in front of the table. This strategy got us at least half of our signatures.

We will be contacting the new recruits today, and invite them join our follow up meeting next week. Hopefully this meeting will give them a better grasp on liberty and encourage them to join YAL to make a difference.

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