Liberty Take Over at Utah State

Yesterday, our club fair at Utah State University was full of liberty. Both YAL and the other pro-liberty organization on campus had a booth. The Free Market Environmentalists club even got involved. It was nice to have the other libertarian organization there to create a little competition for sign ups. I am proud to report that YAL won.

Before the fair even started, the President of the College Democrats saw our table, and instantly came over to strike up a discussion. We mainly discussed our similarities such as ending the drug war. After that discussion, I feel like they might be a valuable resource to reach out to for some events we hold.

We were excited to find so many enthused people. Many of them said they knew nothing about politics, but had a desire to understand the issues better. We told them that if they signed up and came to our activities that we would help them understand the issues.

There will be a political fair at Utah State next month, and I am confident that it will be another successful event for us.

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