Liberty Tour 2016 Stops in Alaska

Last week, the “Our America Initiative”, a nonpartisan nonprofit, brought the 2016 Liberty Tour to Alaska. The Liberty Tour is currently touring cross country with top liberty thinkers and speakers, educating the public on the policies, ideas, and principles of liberty. The tour stopped in Anchorage and Juneau and for each event brought with them speakers that resonated deeply with their audiences.

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld and Freedomworks founder Matt Kibbe exclusively spoke in Anchorage. In Juneau, VICE’s Travis Irvine, entrepreneur John Chisolm, and Republican Liberty Caucus member Ed Lopez set the stage for the keynote speaker, Jon Kirikou. Kirikou is the former CIA agent and whistle blower who alerted the American people that our intelligence services and government were routinely engaging in torture, mainly in the form of waterboarding.

The goal of the events were to motivate students and the community to integrate liberty in all aspects of their life, get registered to vote and sign a #FairDebates petition. 

Around 200 people came to our event featuring Governor Weld, with around 40 showing up in Juneau. Juneau even saw it’s two current candidates for state representative come to the event. Democrat Justin Parish and incumbent Republican Cathy Munoz were both at the event in Juneau shaking hands and making clear they were in favor of liberty. It is truly encouraging when you see the impact of activism on your local candidates and gives hope for the future.

If the Liberty Tour stops by your town, don’t miss it!

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