Liberty University challenges Congressman on the FISA Court System

Liberty University held an event on September 20th, 2017, where Congressman Bob Goodlatte gave a speech on Article 3 of the Constitution.  The members of the Liberty University Young Americans for Liberty group were shocked the Congressman was even given a platform to speak on Article 3, while he is a huge supporter of the Patriot Act and the FISA courts.

Judge Napolitano has previously criticized the courts, saying, “There is no case or controversy in the constitutional sense as there are no adversaries… they cannot rule when only one party is noticed and shows up.  This is precisely how the FISA court functions.” 

In an attempt to defend the courts, Goodlatte stated, “It’s not a secret court… now the evidence is heard in secret because the cases all involve national security threats to the United States.”  “[FISA courts] are foreign intelligence, not surveillance of United States citizens.”  “We prohibited, not just under the USA Patriot Act, but under about 7 different statutes the authority to gather metadata.”

Regardless, it was a great experience pointing out the inconsistencies of the FISA courts and the US Constitution.  Attached is the video in full:

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