Liberty’s First Semester at Lebanon Valley College

Lebanon Valley College: where Yik Yak is banned because it hurts people’s feelings, where the faculty and administration tell students who show an interest in political activism that “LVC is not a political campus,” and where the president of the college himself rips down YAL recruitment posters.

LVC had a lot of unfortunate events this year, including rolling blackouts and floods. Combining this with the liberty-averse regime of the school led some students to make a (not entirely inaccurate) comparison between the college and a country under totalitarian rule.

But through the cracks of this oppression, the light of liberty shone through thanks to YAL. LVC’s chapter of YAL formed just in time for the spring semester. It held a recruitment drive to bring the liberty-lovers out of hiding and introduce the campus community to the ideas of free markets and free societies.

The Incarceration Nation event held in late April informed people about the flaws in the U.S. criminal justice system. Students of all years and all political parties turned out to support fixing the system.



LVC YAL can only return bigger and better in the fall. A big thanks to Cliff Maloney, Justin Greiss, and Dan Maschi for helping liberty finally find a home at LVC.

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