Liberty’s future depends on you.

Lawrence W. Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) currently has an article up at the Freeman Online on the vital importance of not giving up now.  Quoting Thomas Paine, he notes that it often seems useless to fight the constant advance of government into what used to be the territory of liberty:

Eternal optimist though I am, I admit that pessimism really tugs at me when I read the morning papers. At every speech I give these days, there’s a sizable portion of the crowd that seems ready to crawl under a rock and let the world go to a statist hell in a hand basket.

But then I ask myself, what good purpose could a defeatist attitude possibly promote? Will it make me work harder for the causes I know are right? Is there anything about liberty that an election or events in Congress disproves? If I exude a pessimistic demeanor, will it help attract newcomers to the ideas I believe in? Is this the first time in history that believers in liberty have lost some battles? If we simply throw in the towel, will that enhance the prospects for future victories? Is our cause so menial as to justify deserting it because of some bad news or some new challenges? Do we turn back just because the hill we have to climb got a little steeper? …

Read the rest of this encouraging piece here, and, on a somewhat unrelated note, enjoy the cover of the current issue of the Freeman.

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