Like Austrian economics? There’s an app for that!

It’s no secret that a great many YALers are big fans of the Austrian school of economics. And it’s also no secret that Millennials are big fans of their smartphones. But until now, there was nothing bringing these two things together (shocking!). Well fear not, for Brian Balfour, Director of Policy at the Civitas Institute, has come to the rescue.


Balfour has created an app for iPhone and Android that explains the basics of Austrian economics — right on your smartphone! From business cycle theory to common economic fallacies, this is a wonderful way to either review Austrian theory or start learning for the very first time!

The app uses dropdown menus to take you through the Austrian theory, from the basic assumptions of the theory to more complex concepts like public policy analysis and monetary policy.


So now when you’re waiting for the metro or messing around on your phone before class, you don’t have to just scroll through pictures of cats on Instagram — you can learn Austrian economics! I deduce that many YALers will download this app due to their subjective preference for a future in which they have a better understanding of Austrian economic theory.

Download the app at the following links:

iPhone — //

Android — // 

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