Lily Tang Williams Speaks about Freedom from Communism at Kent State

A few weeks ago, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and 2016 Libertarian Colorado Senate Candidate Lily Tang Williams (Lily4Liberty) reached out to me about her national tour to share her harrowing story. Lily escaped Communist China in 1988 as a graduate student, after being exposed to the ideas of freedom and individual rights by an American exchange student in China with the very same pocket Constitutions we share with students today.

Lily’s impassioned account of struggle and tragedy during Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution kept the audience riveted all evening. She described unimaginable conditions experienced by the Chinese people under Mao’s regime, and a level of conformity and control that reminds me more of a military boot camp than a nation of individuals. A childhood of Maoist control led her to become the freedom fighter she is today.

Lily’s inspiration to run for office, travel the country to share her story, and passion to be an activist comes from her fear of losing freedom again here in America. Her story is not one of just historical significance and political study, but also of warning. Hosting Lily was a wonderful learning experience for us and our guests, and I highly recommend bringing her to your school as well!

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