Lily Tang Williams Speaks to Kennesaw State YAL

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of having Lily Tang Williams come speak with a class of liberty lovers about her experience growing up in Mao’s Communist China. She talked to us about how under Mao, she was brainwashed into being a loyal devotee of the Communist Party and the strenuous experiences she endured along the way.

Now, Lily is running for U.S. Senate in Colorado. As an immigrant who came here with only $100 in her pocket, she can attest to the success one can have living the American Dream. She has a deep desire to make America the free land it once was so that other people can enjoy the same opportunity she has had.

Lily then was nice enough to go out and have dinner with a few of us after the talk. There, we got to continue our great conversations and understand more of her libertarian beliefs. Overall, it was a great night for YAL!

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