Limitless Speech 

          Many students at Pasadena City College in Southern California came out to support freedom of speech last Tuesday during National Freedom of Speech Week! As our chapter members, local State Chair Lisa Di Giovanna and I rolled the 10 foot beach ball covered in drawings and both short and long phrases written by defenders of free speech, heads turned and pictures were taken. When people asked why we were rolling a giant beach ball around campus, we told them that it was to talk to people about freedom of speech and to let people know that their right to say what they want is protected under the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution! As soon as they heard why we were out in the blazing sun walking around and talking to students, they said that they appreciated what we were doing.

          I used the current “#MeToo” movement as an example of why the 1st amendment and freedom of speech is vital to protect. People need to talk about things that are deemed “taboo” or “uncomfortable” in our society so we can move forward and resolve problems. A situation is not going to solve itself by not talking about it. Everybody that I spoke to, about 20 students, agreed with me and enthusiastically signed up for our follow-up meeting! I am ecstatic that so many students are as enthusiastic about freedom of speech as I am and this surely will not be the last time the free speech ball is seen at Pasadena City College.

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