Lindenwood YAL Snowden Outing!

Though our Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Lindenwood typically has meetings on Tuesday evenings, for September 20th we all agreed on doing something different! A group of us carpooled off of campus to a local movie theater the first Tuesday after the Snowden movie came out so that we could all view the movie as a chapter!

A group of eleven Lindenwood students, eight members of our chapter and then three other students who had decided they wanted to join us gathered into a couple rows in the movie theater, ready to see the live-action presentation of Snowden’s story!

Though nearly all of us were already very familiar with Edward Snowden’s story, after the showing we all agreed that it was sobering to see the story played out for us on the big screen. The “based on a true story” screen seemed all too real for us sitting in the movie theater, and put things into perspective. Personally, when the screen flashed up with the actual dates, I had chills. The movie put into perspective how serious the issues that Snowden informed the public about really are, and reminded us all how it is often times our own duty as citizens to make sure that our liberty is being protected!

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