Live Free or…Recycle?

My grandmother lives in New Hampshire, and growing up I always enjoyed seeing the “Live Free or Die” slogan on her license plate when she’d come to visit. Sadly, the City of Laconia will begin to detract from New Hampshire’s bold heritage of liberty when it implements mandatory recycling in July.

In order to have their trash picked up, residents will need to include separated recyclables at the curb, or obtain a sticker (what a shock!) that certifies the household has chosen to visit a remote site to drop off their recyclables. 

Some advocates of the program have claimed it will reduce the costs borne by the city. They also insist, of course, that the program is meant to help “save the planet.” It’s good to be responsible with our waste, of course, but the goal of “saving the planet” is a large enough task with a long enough tail that it guarantees these self-appointed overseers a perpetual blank check. After all, at what point would it become logically possible to permanently declare the planet “safe?”

What this flurry of tickets and permits and stickers ultimately constitutes is this: a minority of radical activists seeks to regulate the private lives of everyone in the city, even down to the manner in which they toss out their trash. Nothing escapes the reach of these activists, joined with their allies in government. 

Fortunately, my grandmother doesn’t live in Laconia, but who knows where the madness will spread next? Hopefully, that city will free itself from the rule of these green busybodies and rejoin the sane and rational portion of New Hampshire.

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