Live in DC and hate the TSA?

Then here’s an event for you.

Simply metro over to Washington DC’s tiny and congressman-ridden airport, Reagan National (DCA) this Wednesday for a TSA protest.  You don’t need to purchase a plane ticket to be involved, so it’s a conveniently inexpensive anti-TSA event.

Here are the details:

On Wednesday, November 24, the day before Thanksgiving, we will be distributing literature at Ronald Reagan National Airport right outside of Washington, DC.

Our flyers will bring attention to the health and privacy issues associated with the “full body scanners” as well as the abusive nature of the “enhanced pat-downs.”

We will urge individuals to “Opt-Out” of the body imaging machines and raise awareness of the TSA’s perverted pat-down procedure.

We have spoken with the airport and submitted all the necessary documentation. We will have designated areas of the airport that we have approval to distribute flyers.


RSVP on Facebook here.  If you’re not on Facebook, email with questions or to pledge a two hour shift.

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