Local Congressional Candidate Can’t Name Bill of Rights

Our YAL chapter at Ole Miss has been in our student union everyday for the last few weeks playing, “Name the First Ten Amendments,” with our student population. We have had some interesting results thus far.

Obviously, only a very small amount of students have been able to name all ten. However, we decided it would be more productive if we extended our challenge to positions of authority. We asked a local police officer what the first ten amendments were… he couldn’t name a single one (we filmed his response and will have it posted soon). We even asked our Dean of Students… he couldn’t name all ten, but he did admit to being shamed and graciously took a pocket constitution for careful study. 

But there has been no greater surprise thus far than what came from a candidate for Mississippi’s first congressional district. Our group approached Angela McGlowan and, since she was campaigning for Congress, decided to test her knowledge of the Bill of Rights. Not only did she refuse to attempt to name the first ten amendments, she asked the police to escort the students away from her. She then began insulting YAL members, calling YAL vice president John Heniken a, “dick.” The police, fortunately, were more concerned with calming the congressional candidate down than forcing the students to leave. To read a more in depth article on this absurd encounter, go here

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