Lock Haven University Club Fair

This past Wednesday, September 14, was the annual club fair for Lock Haven University, with over 100 clubs tabling and collecting signups. Our table was completely filled with material to hand out from very helpful organizations like the Foundation for Economic Education, the Leadership Institute, Turning Point USA, the Institute for Humane Studies, and YAL. Dr. Lawrence Vance was also kind enough to provide us with copies of his books to hand out when he spoke at our campus last semester. The Leadership Institute field representative of Pennsylvania, Suzanne Cruz, was able to attend and help us table. We were able to collect over 5 pages of signups, and I spoke to many students interested in the concepts of Liberty.

While passing by other tables, I met up with the College Republicans VP who is interested in collaborating on events with us and possibly even a debate. I also passed a table for the newly forming Turning Point USA chapter, who are also interested in collaboration on economic issues.

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