Logic vs. Government

My latest column at the Daily Caller analyzes the logical fallacies contained in base progressive thought, using Jon Stewart‘s recent critique of libertarians as a perfect example of an illogical progressive argument, and then applies this analysis to the recent healthcare bill.

…An analysis of the history of government reveals that even government actions with good intent usually end up resulting in negative consequences. Just consider the governmental policies over the past 50 years intended to make home ownership affordable for all Americans. Such actions led directly to an economic collapse that specifically hit the housing market, and thus homeowners, like never before…

…With this view of logic in mind, one can now understand why libertarians are so upset with the recent health care reform. The government-minded leftist would argue that those against the reform do not think that everyone should have access to quality health care, or were content with the current system. Neither is true, and it is in fact often the libertarian’s desire to see affordable health care for as many as possible that drives the protests of Obamacare…

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